Now we’re back in the flow!

There are 17 more listings today, and you can probably expect inventory to increase thanks to the announcements about the “stress testing” that goes live by January 1st.  Demand and buyer activity should also increase, which will make for an interesting Fall market.

There are a couple of good entry point homes on Dawson and McColl, and even a Heathwood Robindale model for under $600k.  I was surprised to see it listed so low, based on other recent sales of that model.

Plus, there’s a well-priced detached four-bedroom on Howden.  Cavanagh is nice, but I don’t think they should be priced more than $100k over the last sale of their model (especially being beside a busy road).

And ANOTHER property sitting with no photos.  It’s so sad to see… lack of photos easily makes it ten times harder to sell, if not more.

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