I’ve completely given up on one of the homes in this list… that’s right, it’s written off.  I just pass over it now.  No longer exists in my mind.  And I’ll even share what they can do to get me back.  🙂  Find out what I mean in today’s video.

Plus, there are two really good deals in this list – there’s a double garage 1900 sq.ft. home on McDougall, and a nice deal on Transom where the same model with similar finishes sold a few streets away for nearly $20,000 more very recently.  There’s a rural home on 2-acres that’s perched right on the edge of the Escarpment close to town, and three different condos in the Maple Crossing/Bristol on Main buildings.

Oh, and here’s a great article I found about a house with a little surprise in the back.  What do you think about it?  Love it, or hate it?  🙂