One of the things that we believe makes us different is our belief that a buyer should be educated, and there should be no surprises in the buying or selling journey. I’ll share a few books and information we provide to our clients to help keep them safe. If you’d like our help, just reach out by phone or email and we’ll treat you the same as we would treat our closest family.

Plus, there’s a HOT new listing on Cooper with a renovated kitchen for only $412,500, and a couple of nice move-up homes at Dalgleish and Solomon. I don’t agree with a few of the listing prices, but sometimes in this market with a little less inventory… aiming a little high can work in your favour. And we’ll explain what’s different about buying your first home compared to your second and third home, and the ROPA 38 map that gives you a glimpse into the future of this little town.

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