When you’re buying a home on the east end of Milton like Patterson or Trudeau, you probably save yourself 15-20 minutes a day in commute time to Toronto and Mississauga.

By the way, Patterson just re-listed at a very attractive price, and Trudeau is $10k less than a very similar home across the street.  Both are solid picks.

That may not sound like much, but I think it adds up. There are days when five minutes with my wife and my kids can completely transform the way I feel. Mostly for the better, am I right? 🙂

That time can lead to dozens of extra books to be read, or time to exercise or prepare meals… and it’s something that’s often overlooked when we discuss “value” – people seem more interested in the colour of the paint than whether or not they get to save their most precious commodity.

Anyway, we start the episode with two condo townhouses – and they’re both solid options for different reasons. Would you rather have an end-unit with four bedrooms, or save around $150/month in condo fees and mortgage payments with a rather nice three bedroom?

There are signs of life in the market, and I’ll explain what I think is going on out there around the middle of the video.

The entire episode is shot on an iPad. What do you think about the way the video was filmed? I almost think that the fonts and colours look smoother and clearer. Maybe we’ll play around with it a little more.