Day 2 of the iPad experiment (version 2.0).  Besides looking at the top of my head, how is it?  Let me know!

In one of today’s homes, there seems to be a forbidden corner in the back where there’s a wall, and a small space to… I don’t know… Reflect on life? Store a bike? It just seems a little useless to me.

Also, does it really make sense to “stage” the house, including place settings on the island, if there’s a missing hood fan in the kitchen???

Oh, and you can sit on the toilet and wash one hand in cold water, and one hand in warm water. Tell me how many homes where you can do THAT!

Even though you can’t perform that circus trick at McDermott, it still gets Pick of the Day ™ status because it’s turn-key, it’s relatively affordable, and the flooring is NEXT LEVEL.  If you want to know why it’s totally better than laminate, check out this article.

Close runner up for Pick of the Day goes to the home on Harvest with a pie-shaped lot. Another mature neighbourhood detached for the same price as a lot of new area townhouses.

Fun fact:  there’s also a tourist attraction in Britain called the “Forbidden Corner”.  More here.

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