Whether it’s the tiger wood flooring, or the “tight like a tiger” street names, we’ve got a Friday show you won’t want to miss, complete with guest stars!  The $500-600k range fills in with a few new listings, including a rare newer home with an inground pool.  Plus, I’ll show you why most homes are not set up properly for a basement suite, and why one of today’s houses has the IDEAL layout for a basement suite.

And a word of advice to sellers that are restricting showing times… it really does affect your bottom line.  Selling a home always comes with some level of inconvenience – better to let people in and sell it faster and for more money than to stay on the market longer because people can’t accommodate the schedule.  But the counterpoint is that you do have to live your life, and sometimes it’s necessary to have some kind of boundaries in place.  Just make sure they’re not too restrictive.

Anyway, have a lovely long weekend, and remember what Tony Robbins says:  “Our labour is probably the most sacred gift we can give another human being, besides our love.”  Cheers!