Well, the fall is starting brisky, with 24 listings today.  What’s interesting about this time of year is that buyers can sometimes compare to slightly lower summer sales when purchasing homes, but the inventory and selection is much greater than July or August.

Today I’ll share one way you can save money when buying a home – simply by understanding square footage and layouts.  One of the biggest mistakes we see buyers and their agents making is to rely to heavily on the square footage, not necessarily the benefits of the floor plan.  Also, there’s a SQUEEZE effect happening with Milton Prices right now that’s creating some interesting situations… I’ll share more about that, too.

Picks of the day are the fourth floor condo at Bristol on Main with the high ceilings, plus the nice townhouse on Stover, the killer deal for a detached on Trudeau, and the Wild Rose model on Savoline with the deep yard and basement that just needs a little more work to make it a gem.  Awesome list.