One of today’s homes has a really incredible feature, but they also have something that’s not so desirable.  Sometimes when we’re looking at value, it’s almost a dead wash… one raises the price, the other lowers the price by a similar amount.  So let’s see.  Last time they sold they broke the record for that model.

Another one of today’s homes has an arena… forget the man cave, how about an entire ARENA?  Ball hockey, floor hockey, soccer or just a killer party… the possibilities are limitless.  If I owned the house, you could count on a few roller skating jams.  🙂

Plus, I’ll show you the one area of the home where it’s nearly impossible to overspend on finishes… and why it can sometimes be a great time to go look at homes on Labour Day Weekend.  Best deals of the day are the condo at 81 Millside, and the townhouse with really bad photos on Hasselfeldt.  Some buyers just skip homes with bad photos (or no photos) and that’s not always the best thing to do… sometimes they can really be hidden gems.

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