There’s really no substitute for the leg work involved in buying a home.  The Internet is great for research, but it’s never going to be a good idea to buy a home online.  Perfect example on Edwards.  This home looks like a killer deal for a very popular floor plan with hardwood and a finished basement.  The photos are BRUTALLY bad.  I bet there are people who will see the photos and throw it in the discard pile… which is a shame because it’s really a good one.  I would seriously question any agent that is not willing to invest a few hundred dollars on a professional photographer to make sure you get the most money possible.  It just seems like a no brainer to me… but then again, our team sells homes for a lot more money in less time than the average Milton agent, perhaps because we pay attention to those things.  🙂

Anyway, I’ll step off the soapbox now.  We also compare a condo apartment to the new stacked Viva townhouses, and show you why the carrying cost is more important than the purchase price, and how a condo that’s listed at $30,000 MORE than a similar competitor will cost the same or slightly less each month.  As a final note, please avoid “bowling alley” layouts in homes.  That is all!  Have a lovely weekend!

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