I hope you had a great long weekend!  It won’t be long until the trees start changing colours and the Fall season will be in full swing.  September and October are wonderful months in Milton — the colours on the Escarpment are a joy to see.

Today we’ve got a 2-bedroom townhouse with no condo fees under $350k (there’s been a bit of a shortage lately) and another good deal for a 3-bedroom at $387,900.  I think we scooped that one up on the weekend.  🙂  And if you need it, there’s a wheelchair-accessible bungalow with a double garage in the mid-$500’s.

Two of today’s homes have a big brick wall nearby, so it’s perfect for a game of handball.  🙂  And watch out for future Intensification Zones in and around Main Street.  Finally, one of the best downtown homes we’ve ever seen is up for sale.  It’s asking nearly $1.7 million, and I’ll explain why that range is so difficult in urban Milton.