An upper unit on Costigan with two parking spots is up for grabs and they listed at a smart price… if you ask me.

Cusick is in the same boat and it give you just what a buyer need to cough up a million bucks … privacy!

Vickerman should have led with different first shot (you know how I feel about being overt with showcasing a double garage). I’ll also go into more detail about what the Town of Milton requires to have a legal second suite/basement apartment… and why that could change anytime in the future.

Here’s the link to the best article I’ve ever seen about the legality requirements of basement apartments in Ontario.

And here’s an article about a Landlord that ignored his Tenant’s safety… and why Tenant safety is even more important to a judge than having a legal apartment.

Oh, and I’m on vacation from January 25th to 29th, so we’ll take a break on the videos… I’ll do a full “catch up” session on the Monday when we get back.

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