Vacation was lovely, and my daughter even got her yellow belt at Taekwondo! Had a chance to catch up on things today, and I couldn’t believe what the market was doing! Gwen and I think that things are going B-A-N-A-N-A-S.  I’ll explain all the craziness at the start of the video.

Bristol on Main has some horrible pictures but I’ll let you in on what you may not notice about the unit – it might even be the best feature besides the low price.

You’ll also find a semi-detached on Beaver that may cost you less than the typical townhouse, with a lot nearly double the size! Plus some nice improvements in the kitchen…

Why do lawyers get rich when homes don’t close? Maybe a little examination before accepting an offer can help (but not always). We had a deal fall apart on a home we sold last year because it was discovered that the buyers faked job letters to the bank. But the happy ending? We ended up re-selling the home for the same price to a different buyer and the sellers kept some of the deposit, so they ended up ahead.

Shortreed sold and is back on the market again, I’ll give you some info on what can sometime happen with multiple offers that can make lawyers really rich. Rottenburg should have led with their front shot but it’s a really good looking home.

And if you know a Mafia Don, I think today’s episode might include a home they would enjoy.

Welcome back from the break!

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