At the end of today’s episode, we’ll show you an incredible deal for a building lot just south of the main downtown strip. I didn’t talk about this in the video, but we almost missed it because the agent didn’t fill in the district information (thanks to Colin Best for the heads up on it!). So there’s a chance that the activity could be less – but it WILL go quickly. Plus, I’ll talk about the financial model for redeveloping most of these homes, including what most are worth when they’re done.

See 4-1 and 4-2 in this zoning text to find the maximum square footage for the newly constructed building (1 square metre equals 10.76 square feet… so you can multiply most of the numbers by 10 or divide by 10 for a ballpark conversion).  People have gone larger, but there’s an application process that’s required.

Costigan is priced on the higher side for a one bedroom but it has a pretty unique feature that I might consider paying extra to get.

Then get ready for some seriously bad photos, and a room dedicated to some stuffies that just like to hang out … or picnic. 😉

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