I’m taking a bit of a quiet day today after a really full couple of weeks.  Apologies for the sporadic episodes.  Combined with some Internet issues, it hasn’t been our finest spring for posting episodes.

If you’re a giant nerd like me, you know what today is… and of course, we had to post some Star Wars fun for our video today.

In today’s list, Elliott Crescent looks like two semi-detached homes, but it’s actually a raised bungalow with a double garage.

The home on Asleton has a great looking home office downstairs with a stone wall, and 404 Highside used to be a bungalow, and they added a full second floor.  It was purchased a few years ago, and I had some concerns with workmanship… but maybe they fixed those issues before listing it this time.

And of course no excuses for lack of photos… but I’ve seen 745 Boughton in person, and it’s very nice.  One of the largest floor plans in all of Milton.

May the 4th be with you!

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