Building on yesterday’s theme about staging is the home on McDermott today. It’s obviously staged, but I would argue that a few pieces seem a little off. What’s up with the furniture?  Especially in the main living room.

I’m definitely of the opinion that not all staging is created equally.

Costigan looks like a solid buy at $499 with two parking spots and more than 1,300 square feet, and it turns out our “staged” home on Hamilton is actually waiting for offers.

Zelinsky, as we mentioned yesterday, has adjusted their price, and it’s now a fantastic buy with 1864 square feet of space, an open concept layout, and plenty of tasteful upgrades.

Sometimes you can look at a listing online and miss a few things. One of them is on the outside of Farmstead. It may not be obvious until you park your car. There are 29 listings for the day.

Oh, and my childhood home is for sale in Toronto.  Have a peek!

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