I just found a great new way to look at homes through Google Maps. Although I’m not sure everybody has the ability yet… tried it on Shaleni’s computer here at the office and it didn’t work like mine.

Anyway, that mapping tool plans an important role in today’s episode, especially when I show the “fishbowl” backyard on Costigan. It shows absolutely nothing in the photos, but when you show up in person, you get a sweeping panorama of between 50 and 100 condo units.

And they can see you, too.

But before that, I’ll issue a warning about low condo fees in new buildings, and why the lower they are, the more you can get stung later.

Dalgleish is re-introduced for $50k less, and I think the home on Dixon is a fantastic buy on the lesser known MLS system. Less exposure to Toronto agents means you might be able to scoop a good deal.

Finally, if you think Toronto is expensive, think again.  This renovated bungalow is for sale for $750,000 on a huge pie-shaped lot.  The celebrity factor is at work, because it was MY childhood home.

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