We see so many homes that are just “boxy” – right angles everywhere. So it’s nice to see some homes in this list with some curves!

Know what else is sexy? Saving money! And you’ll do that really well at the 383 Main building (aka Greenlife I). From geothermal heating to triple pane glass to solar panels to ICF construction, this building has some of the lowest condo fees in Canada.

But be careful with that Tenant. Ontario rules are heavily in favour of the Tenant… so if you buy it with a lease agreement in place, you’re going to need a Form N11 to give yourself the highest odds of showing up to a vacated condo. Even then, nothing is guaranteed when it comes to Tenants. If they don’t want to leave, expect a long, drawn-out process.

And by my calculations, it’s not the best investment property either.

There are a couple of big lots in today’s list. But at $1.4 million, does Commercial Street have the finishes to compete? We saw a home on a huge lot on Charles just sit around at the end of 2016 for just over $1 million, and the recent sale on Victoria had a much larger house and way better finishes.

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