Two condos and a house today.  Not much going on.

Would I pay $25,000 for 20% more square footage, higher ceilings, plus another washroom?  Yes indeed.  To me, 1483 Maple #401 is a very good buy compared to everything else out there right now, including the first condo in the list.

But get ready, because we’re launching one at 100 Millside on Friday.  That’s a super building, and one of only two buildings in the downtown core.  It’s arguably the BEST location for a condo in the entire town, and the only condo in Milton with a pool.

Here’s something else we haven’t seen in a while… NONE of these properties from today’s list are holding back on offers.

Offers anytime?  Yes please!

I have a fun idea for the New Year and the new version on MDH, and I’ll tell you more about it soon.

New website is launching in 2017, and we have even more guides, tools and systems to give you an advantage in a tough market.  But just for fun, today’s video was made NINE YEARS AGO… have a look at the prices, and then dream about going back in your time machine for the rest of the day.  🙂

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