So… today got away from me.  Worked on a very complicated offer for a custom-build in Oakville.  As much as I can’t stand some of the… ahem… larger builders out there, it is nice to know that they have actual bona fide agreements on which deals can be done.  Building a new construction offer from scratch is not exactly the most fun.

Example:  Do we include “low-E windows” or “low-E argon windows” in the Schedule?  Imagine about 500+ more questions like that.  🙂

The list for the day has only six properties.  I think they priced Schreyer right on the nose, maybe even a little less than what it might go for.  Macdonald has that basement second suite that could make it carry for less than a townhouse with subsidized mortgage payments from your rental income… along with a nice-sized 50 x 120 foot Dorset Park lot.

Nice trifecta on McGibbon too – pie-shaped wide lot, backing onto greenspace, with a really rare walk-out basement.  Most of Milton is so flat that a walk-out is very hard to find.

Clark seems high to me, but maybe that Astroturf in the yard is worth more than I think!  And there’s no hiding from those MASSIVE mirrors on Field.  I’m okay with looking at myself in the mirror, but not that much.

In honour of that, let’s play some Gap Band… it’s a late night at the office.  “You can run, you can run, you can run, you can run, but there’s no hiding place!”  That’s a smooth groove right there.

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