Here’s the thing about today’s list:  EVERY property is holding back on offers.  Beard and Whaley are December 18th, Kelly Gate is December 19th, and Leblanc is December 20th.

And Bundy is December 30th.  Seriously, WTF?

They’re holding off for SIXTEEN DAYS before they take offers.  That’s ridiculous.

We’ve mentioned in numerous posts that the ideal time frame is anywhere between 4-7 days, including one full weekend, with offers presenting on a weekday evening.  That’s enough time that the listing doesn’t get stale, but long enough to expose it to the full market and give people time to see it.

The formula has been tested and proven in some of the hottest markets in Ontario… and it assures the seller and the listing agent the highest odds of success.

Sixteen days is absolutely nuts, in my opinion.  I hope it’s a typo.  To honour this extended time frame, let’s listen to this great song by Daft Punk!