OK this is getting a little ridiculous.

Four of today’s homes (out of 9) said they were STUNNING.

Come on, really?  See for yourself.  The nicest two listings in the list didn’t even use that word.  But don’t get me started on the word “boast”.  Properties can’t boast.

Also, I just heard that Gowland took a bully offer, after we already shot the video. Yup, it’s THAT much in-demand.

Meanwhile, the home on Speyer is still getting photos ready. Is “coming soon” supposed to help anybody? When you list a home, you have everything ready right away. Otherwise, wait a day to get your photos. No excuses on that one.

And I’m also going to share what I love about the layout on Stringer. And the house wins the award for looking most like a square root symbol.

Prepare to be stunned by this episode. With a special appearance by an 80’s cartoon villain!

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