Don’t get caught in the word trap on Van Fleet. Legally finished is NOT the same thing as a legal basement apartment. Check with the Town of Milton regarding any permits, or rules around second suites in a home.

But I can almost certainly promise that this home does not contain a legal basement apartment.

Do people rent non-legal basements? Every single day. There is added risk for both sides, so proceed with caution.

Plus… in this market, it feels like some people aren’t trying very hard. Check out the home on Hobbs with the “high” street number and see if you find something that shouldn’t be in the breakfast area off the kitchen.  And the resolution of the photos reminds me of 1950’s television.  Surprised they aren’t black and white!

If you like the home on Pearen, we’ve got a home coming out just around the corner in a week or two, with a full inground pool and an open-concept kitchen. I’m also going to carefully scrutinize the size of one of the bedrooms.

Pick of the day is probably Babcock with its tasteful finishes and excellent location in Dempsey. Although the fact that Shortreed AND McCready aren’t holding back on offers might make me question that choice. Very very very rare to see a property NOT hold back on offers.

Remember – set your clocks and drive safe today.

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