Without a doubt, the number one factor when it comes to premium lots is the depth.  Privacy is a huge driving force for many of our customers.  One of today’s homes has a standard depth, but it’s wider in the back.  Most buyers don’t get as excited when they can see the neighbours watching TV, even if the yard is 100-feet wide.

There are 23 homes in today’s list, including one of the best homes ever to list in new Milton, at $1.15 million.  If you Google the street name, I’m not responsible for what happens.  Anyway, they have a huge pie-shaped lot with a pool, no neighbours to the side or behind, and 3250 square feet.  They’re hoping to piggy-back on the recent sale over $1 million on Baylis, and I have no doubt that we’ll see a few others that are going to try to cross that magic 7-figure line.

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