It’s a big weekend wrap-up day with more than 30 properties! There are three of the same model for sale today – two are at $389k and one is at $369k. Guess which one I’m most excited about? 🙂

Also, we get asked at least once a week, “What do you have outside of Milton? I want a cheap house with some land.” We have a rare detached bungalow for $389k in the country, which we don’t see often.  Sure, it has some original 1950’s features, but I think it has some charm (and virtually no competitors).  But do your homework, because you might get some stank in the warmer months. Watch the video to learn more. And the open bathroom on Trafalgar might also lead to some stinky situations, too. We’ll look at why this home will be so tricky to sell.

Finally, we’ll talk about the DOUBLE exposure you can get while marketing your home… I always shake my head when I see people miss the opportunity.

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