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In other news, we’re back with a hosted episode! Hooray!

And it’s not a bad list at all. Good townhouse battle between Cartwright and Johnson… the winner could be determined by a bathroom.

A fan favourite around the office is the home on Playfair. It’s a clever layout, with well-done upgrades. The price is a little higher than the two “split level”-style houses we profiled yesterday, but the Heathwood neighbourhood always seems to command a premium. Maybe it’s those sexy 8-foot doors?

Over to the second list from the link… there are no photos on Merritt, and apparently it’s pretty rough inside. The home on Harvest we spoke about yesterday sold in a matter of hours, which shows the kind of demand in that price range, especially with the scarcity of listings in the more mature neighbourhoods.

McNabb is laid out in such a way that it would be a good fit for a family with elderly parents … but there is some confusion about the safety fence around the pool that doesn’t seem to show in the pictures. Either way, a pool and a decent house for $519k is getting hard to find.

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