I recorded the video today, but we had a strange technical glitch with the audio… so no hosting again today.  Booooo!  Hopefully things will be back to normal tomorrow.

In the meantime, I went to the “Roast of DJ Starting From Scratch” on the weekend, with roastmaster Russell Peters.  It was wildly entertaining, and the music was terrific.  A lot of people don’t know that I used to be on the radio when I was in University, and I’m actually a very good DJ and a huge music fan.  Short clip of Spinbad, Scratch and Russell having fun in today’s video clip.

Anyway, there are some great looking homes in today’s list.

My personal favourite from the list is 171 Harvest, which is a detached home for the same price as a townhouse in the new area.  Yes it might need a fridge or some updates, but the last few sales on the street were much higher than this list price, so there’s some upside to improve.

Hume Way also looks like a killer deal for only $559k.  A similar-sized home on Trudeau just sold in competition on the weekend for over $600k.  And this is one of the smallest houses on the street – most of the neighbours are double garages with 2,500+ square feet.

McDougall and Pringle are both similar floor plans – and after a recent sale on Challinor, you could probably argue that both are listed quite attractively.  I love the bonus of sunset views over the Escarpment on McDougall, not to mention saving $40k with that one.

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