My daughter dropped by the office and gave us a brand new intro… hope you like it! Then we’ll take a “Fantastic Voyage” through a very good list of homes.

81 Millside is often overlooked because it’s not as fancy or new as some other buildings… but in this case, I think it’s substance not style. They’ve done a lot of work in the building recently, and penthouse unit in question is also fully updated. Fees? Yes, they’re higher, but they include a lot more than most buildings.

Riddell is proudly Canadian and they did something really great when you go up the stairs to the second floor. If you don’t know the floor plan, you might not even realize what they did. Also smart to add the second full washroom downstairs.

Kearns is looking a little on the high side but nothing is surprising me in 2016. Harris is bigger and in a great location (it already has a few offers as I write this), and Gooch is a Quincy Corner that should use the double garage as the first shot. I’m not responsible for the first result on Google when you type in the word “Gooch”. Don’t kill the messenger!

One of the best picks of the day is the double garage on Costigan, with a lot that rivals some older Milton homes. They’re not holding back on offers and they’re priced well = jump on it quickly.

Then we bring the heat with a one-two combo on McNeil and Dempsey. The Beaty neighbourhood has been spitting out some serious quality properties lately, especially in the top range. You won’t find a better location for your family than this neighbourhood.

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