If the golf course is too far away, you can always step out on your back deck and hit over your private pond to the hole at the back of the property on Limestone Road. I saw the property when it was for sale a few years ago… there’s a loft area above the garage, a big front porch, and a nice open concept design.  Just lovely.

Lamont could have benefitted from some different furniture position, but I have a feeling they’ll still sell for more on offer night. Plus, we’ll talk about the first listing to pop-up in the brand new area at Britannia and 25. Know what’s close? The proposed CN Intermodal Terminal. And there’s a very good chance that the builders didn’t tell people about it.

Have a look at this article about buying new from a builder… the good and bad.

Want to know more about that one? Just go to the Halton Region website, or look up “Milton RAIL” and “Milton Says No“. One thing is for sure… we have some strong community advocates here, so CN will be in for a battle.

Another highlight of today’s episode… the fireplace on Stagg Gardens. The floor plan is great, and the stone and stucco is always popular with buyers.

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