Be sure to check out the semi-detached on I mentioned it a few days ago, but we’re featuring it in today’s list as the Pick of the Day ™.  It’s a zinger, and it feels like a detached home… in a price range filled with boring townhouses.

I don’t know about you, but I’m always impressed with those little carpet triangles formed from an organized and thorough vacuum cleaning. It has a certain retro appeal… not to mention it looks clean. 🙂 You’ll find an example of highly skilled vacuuming in today’s list, and I’ll share more about the home and why the neighbourhood (Drury Park) is so in-demand.

Most homes don’t even make it to MLS in Drury Park, because the demand is so strong, and the elderly demographic means almost everybody fits the same profile, and they run in the same social circles. Word spreads, and there’s lots of buzz when anything happens in this area.

I wish I could find the episode where I trashed Heslop in our archives of more than 1,200 episodes… but without seeing it, I can tell that it’s the kind of “flipped” home that would cause me to think twice before even seeing it in person.  You’ve been warned!

One of the most interesting homes in today’s list is the one on Fourth Line. I cut out my commentary because I wasn’t really explaining myself well… but here are a few thoughts:

  1. Trying to sell a home in a half-finished state is the equivalent of trying to pawn your half-eaten sandwich on someone else. Who really wants to eat THAT?
  2. The land value of an acre this close to town drifts somewhere plus-or-minus $1 million (probably PLUS). We’ve seen examples on some of the larger parcels of land selling on Bronte, Thompson and the strip of homes purchased by Bucci on Ontario Street, all for around that magic million mark.
  3. It’s zoned as NHS (Natural Heritage System), which makes changing the outside structure or adding square footage a bit of a pain in the ass. If you’re buying this one to tear down, good luck. You would be much better off buying it because the current “shell” is the right size for you. Outbuildings like the barn are nice, but they’re not always appraised for very high dollar amounts. The house in its current state is probably worth $100/square foot (or more). Hard to tell from the photos.  Fully finished could be worth double that amount.

Well that’s enough analysis. There’s only so much we can say or do without seeing these homes in person. But our goal with Milton Daily Homes is to give you some thoughts and perspectives on the newest listings in town. Thanks for tuning in!

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