When a home launches on the MLS system as a brand new listing and there are NO photos… it’s just silly to me. The orchestration of a launch means everything comes out at once.  You only have one chance to make a first impression, and it’s almost worth delaying launch until the photos ARE ready.  To me, it happens all on schedule… or you pull the plug and push it back.

Imagine buying a car. You show up, ready to drive it away, and when you open the hood to see the engine, there’s a big empty space and a sign saying, “Coming Soon”. It just ruins the entire thing.

Andrews Trail is a good deal for the size of the home, and even though there are no homes behind… there’s a busy road. I used to see that as less valuable, but I had an experience a few years ago that changed my perception – and I’ll talk about it in the video.

Pick of the day is Costigan, because a double garage at $669k is getting really hard to find. In fact, there’s a single garage listed for $20k more… right in the same list.

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