Whenever I see a listing with a note about a flooring or painting credit (like the home on Haxton), I wonder if it’s really the best option.

Maybe there’s something I’m not seeing, but I’d rather put the price at a fair number and let the market decide how much it’s worth.

In a way, it’s not a bad idea to quantify… because buyers have a tendency to overestimate the cost on many items, including paint, flooring, and replacement of furnaces, air conditioners and roofs. I’ve heard some buyers double or even triple the actual cost when they’ve thrown out a “ballpark” number to fix everything.

Which usually means less money to the seller on offer night.

But anyway, I just think it’s admitting fault… and I would rather do the work myself instead of give a credit away. Especially with paint, the effects and results can multiply your original investment with a much higher sale price.  So unless there’s some time or money restrictions, the seller really should consider doing it themselves.

Either way, I’ll mention later in the video that the ultimate goal is to eliminate any objections someone has with a home. Provide a quote, be upfront, and make sure it looks its best. Combined with great marketing and being smart about listing timing – THAT is how you break records.

Also, I’m going to show you one of my favourite little pockets of Milton. Right now it doesn’t look super special, but when spring and summer comes, it’s totally lovely.

If honest opinions are what you want, remember that we care more so you worry less.