On Friday I sent a link to some properties, but no video because of my schedule.  But I absolutely could NOT pass up the opportunity to talk about a very interesting bed in today’s episode.  Look closely at the virtual tour.

Does it have anything to do with the value of the house?  Nope.  Is it fascinating to an innocent young man like me?  Totally.

I thought nothing could beat the “Batmobile Bed” episode, but this one just might beat it by at least FIFTY SHADES.

And if that’s not risque enough for you, how about the indoor pond on Broadway?  The yard is beautiful, but the inside of that house is a little bit eclectic.

And if you have a thing for “twins”, then check out Hood and Philbrook.

Ummm… that concludes our most awkward episode ever. I thought of this afterwards, but we have the perfect theme song for the day right here.

And I know for a fact there are people that watch me before bed.  Have a fun night folks!