Unit #410 at Costigan is an estate sale, and if you’re unfamiliar with them… the estate of the deceased is not allowed to sell the property until “probate” is cleared.  That’s old terminology, and now they use the term “certificate”, but basically it means that the will has to be validated through court process.

What it means to a buyer is that the closing CAN be delayed based on the timeline of the courts.  Make sure you have a Plan B if you’re buying a home from an estate.

By the way, that layout is terrible.  The family room is so small, and it’s not functional at all.  You can’t really see it from the pictures, but it’s very noticeable in person.

And see that sloping hill behind Cartmer?  That’s a train directly behind, and the hill is called a “berm”, which is used to dampen the sound.  It’s fun for tobogganing, but I can think of many places I would rather live than being right beside the tracks.

The first and second photos on Hamilton Crescent look like the “before” and “after” shots when you get a haircut.  I’m assuming the grown version is the most recent.  The lot is about 30-feet deeper than normal… this one will do very well on offer night.  Don’t be surprised if this one goes in the $750k+ range, possibly even in the low $800’s.

You’ll notice 406 Woodward has dropped their price… big time.  They started north of $1.5 million during Christmas, then went down into the $1.3 million range, and now it’s under $1 million – holding back on offers and hoping to boost their price up.  You can definitely argue the value on paper (especially given the size), but my problem with it is the lack of garage and the busier street.  The street is not usually a big deal for everyday homes in that area, but when you’re asking this kind of money, people usually want some peace and quiet.

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