Just a little less than half our team is away in Los Angeles to see Tony Robbins, so my schedule has been a little heavy this week.  Just a few words, no live video from me.  But watch this video for a great TED Talk from the man himself.

The highlight of today’s list is 835 Gifford.  Check out the really cool 3D tour.  It kind of feels like you’re doing a first-person shooter video game, but it’s a great way to walk through the house as if you were there.

A townhouse on Gainer just sold this week for $800k, and it was smaller than Gifford, with a few less upgrades.  About 10 days before, the same floor plan on the same street sold for $751k… so it’s fair to say that the market is going up by thousands PER DAY in 2017.

When will it stop?  Nobody knows.  But as we’ve pointed out a number of times, there appears to be no sign of slowing down at all.  Get ready for prices to climb even higher.

491 Aylmer is another nice one.  I’ve seen the basement and I don’t understand why there are no photos of that area.  You can find them in the virtual tour, but I think the best place to have them is in the photo gallery on the actual listing.

And Pringle is a luxury townhouse with a $142/month fee for snow and garbage.  It’s not technically a “condo”, but it’s attached to a common element – the road.  These are very nice homes with 9-foot ceilings on BOTH main and upstairs floors, and a lovely open concept floor plan.  The greenspace behind is also a bonus, and you get sunset views of the Escarpment from the front.  Expect this one to go for more than asking on offer night (March 29th).