Today we’re looking at all the fun but useless things people say in a listing.  “Better hurry, won’t last long!”  Seriously… does anybody actually believe that?  My experience is that it usually has the opposite effect.  Do you ever see “Bring all offers, motivated seller!”  Goodness… way to look after your client.  “Too many upgrades to list” is a funny one too – ok, well how about you just tell the the GOOD ones.  🙂  “Walking distance” and “steps to” anything is basically useless, and “open concept” has become pretty overused.

What are your favourite useless statements in a real estate listing?

Anyway, have a look at today’s video.  I’ll show you how to do your own research about zoning, which is really important in the rural areas, or any time you are anywhere near empty land.  And we’ll also review 23 listings in the big weekend roundup.  Enjoy!

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