Is there such thing as standing out too much?  How bold should your colour choices be?  One of today’s listings might have some accents that are distracting buyers from the basic elements of the home.  It’s like a magician that turns your focus to his left hand while he puts the card up his right sleeve.

Plus, we’ll talk about the strange pricing pattern of some Mattamy townhouses (it’s like a rollercoaster), and we had some great responses to yesterday’s “real estate words that should be banned”.

Tops on the list?  “Unspoiled basement”… as Jen pointed out, does that mean my basement is “spoiled” if I finish it with a professional contractor and permits?  🙂  LOL.  Other ridiculous words:  “stunning”, “breathtaking”, “opulence”, “stupendous”, “divine”, “scrumptious”, “demanding area”.

Any others?  Let me know!