At least half of the time when I see a square footage quoted in the listing, it’s wrong.  Be really careful.  If it’s a difference of a few feet, and you rely on that information, I think it’s negligible.  But one of today’s listings missed it by 90 square feet!  Goodness… that’s enough to affect a professional market evaluation if you didn’t know.

For homes reasonably close in size, I typically use about $60-100/sq.ft. when comparing different houses in Milton, depending on the neighbourhood and type of home.  So that could be a swing of anywhere between $5,000 to $10,000 in value, if an agent or buyer is making an adjustment.

Anyways, we talk about the Clarke neighbourhood today, and how being close to Main and Thompson is a very good thing – short and long-term.  Finally, we’ve got a terrific “no stairs” option for older relatives staying with the kids, on a big family-sized lot in Dorset Park.  Enjoy today’s break from the heat!

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