It’s been quite the week so far.  For the past two days, we’ve been hanging with some incredible real estate teams, setting goals and business planning for 2018.

Oh, and we also launched this great starter home on Attenborough… I think it’s going to go well, especially because there’s ONE new freehold home below this price, and it’s much smaller (and not presented well with very odd staging).

Today is Day 3 of conference week, and I’m writing this looking at Niagara Falls, at the Fallsview Conference Centre.  Melissa and I are speaking about how we take care of our clients for years after they work with us, and some of the struggles we’ve overcome.

I played catch-up and pulled all of the listings so you’ll find everything in the link using the green button.  I browsed through, and you can REALLY see the difference between the “listings” and the “sellers”.  Some of these places will never sell, and some of them came to play – priced well, looking good.

In this balanced market, there’s no point going halfway.  You choose whether you’re in or not.

Enjoy!  We’ll see you again later this week when things get back to normal.