It’s rare to find a condo townhouse for less than $400k UNLESS it has electric baseboard heating. But we have a cute one on Childs today that has gas heating, and some updates, and it’s still less than $400k. That sounds good to me.

Then we’ll talk about Art on Main, the new development with actual amenities like a pool. For Milton, that’s rare, but in Mississauga you see them all the time. They’re asking big premiums compared to regular Milton condo pricing, but when I see Toronto projects selling for double the price per square foot, part of me believes there’s some decent upside.

539 Woodward launched like a rocket today, with over 20 showings booked between now and the end of the weekend (so far). I knew it looked good and it was priced well, but I think we found a sweet spot in the market.

I went to visit 48 John Street, and it’s a really lovely home. The land is probably worth about $600k, and if you add up the value of the build, it doesn’t equate to $1.7 million to me… but at the same time, I know what builders are charging for a similar home on a smaller lot, and I would take John Street over anything Markay is offering any day. Depending on your perspective, this one is either aiming high, or it’s the best in-town option for a brand new home on a big lot.

I would consider Chambers for closer to $1.5 million with the pie-shaped lot, nice inground pool and 3300 square feet of upgraded space. As we say often – you’re only as good as your closest competition!

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