Only eleven properties today, and we’re back with a video.

Speaking of Eleven… I’m on episode four of the second season of Stranger Things. No spoilers please!

We start off the list with two condo townhouses that might be leaning a little high on price compared to other sales, but each has strong value, especially when compared to the rest of the market.

Then I’ll go over “knob and tube” wiring when we look at Mary Street. This one is underlisted, and in my opinion the land is worth more than $499k. Get on it quick.

I really like this article about knob and tube, if you want more information about it.

Clark Boulevard has a wine cellar and a pretty impressive kitchen, and I think they priced it well. Downside is that it faces two moderately busy streets. Awesome vintage audio gear not included.

Finally, if you missed the finished basement on Arthurs, don’t worry – so did 90% of the buyers out there. I’ll show you why in the episode.

I hope those agents make “tomorrow better than today” just like my friend Amy said at yesterday’s conference.

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