What’s with the big rush of homes listing in the $800’s lately?  Historically, there have only been a couple that have reached that level.  But it seems like people are really shooting for the stars.

Maybe it’s like they say, “shoot for the stars and you might land on the moon”.  Or maybe you just go splat.  🙂

Anyways, we’ve got one of the few townhouses with no condo fees for under $300k today, plus we talk about how to adjust your offer price based on a busy street… I see a lot of buyers making big mistakes that will probably cost them some money down the road.  Heed my warning buyers – knock some money off the price for a tricky location… or you’ll pay for it one day!  And on that topic… agents, start giving good advice and do your job – look out for your clients as if their money was your money.

Oh, and a gentle reminder to join us for the Milton Buyer Class on Thursday night…