The listings are coming fast and furious in January so far… today’s list includes 20 properties.  There’s the usual “okay” stuff, but I really like that bungalow on Centennial Forest.  It’s in an area called “Drury Park” that was almost scientifically engineered for people over the age of 50.  Bordered by EC Drury school to the west, Robertson Crescent to the east, Childs on the north and the Sam Sheratt Trail to the south.  Quiet area with mostly similar demographic (50+), lots are decent but not huge… enough for a garden and for the grandkids to play.  The homes are a comfortable size, similar to a condo (1000-1500 sq.ft.) but with a real driveway and garage, and laundry on the main floor.  The developer is great, and there hasn’t really been anything for sale in a while in DP.  So if you’re “empty nesting” soon, have a look, it seems like a lovely place to live.

I like some of the value of the newer 3000 sq.ft. homes in the $600k+ range too.  Many of them have equivalent-sized lots to some areas in older Milton, and one even has a pool!  If you’re a seller in that range, my advice is to make sure your home is move-in ready before listing, because buyers are being extra picky for the larger homes.  If you’d like to see anything from today’s list, just call or email me.  Cheers!

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