Knowledge and Learning

You may have noticed that I am constantly reminding people that the lifeblood of our business is referrals.

And a mistake most agents make is they think getting a referral is all about them, the agent.

But it’s not true.  The truth is that a referral is really about the person referring.

More Time = Better Quality

I won’t tell you that one of the most time-consuming parts of any business is finding new clients.  When a client recommends us to a friend, family member, co-worker or neighbour, it saves us the time & energy of trying to meet someone that doesn’t know us through marketing.

Our experience is that it’s more challenging, more expensive and less enjoyable to build a business entirely from people we don’t know.  Working with repeat and referred clients is much more fun, and we don’t have to spend as much time “convincing” them of all the ways we can help.

When we can focus our time on providing a great experience instead of constantly being “on the hunt”, clients receive a higher quality experience, with more of our time and attention given.  This cycle repeats over and over – happiness leads to more “word of mouth”, which leads to more of our attention going towards serving at a high level and more referrals.

That’s our vision for our business – to provide 5-star experiences that clients love talking about.

Be a Hero

When I tell you about a movie, or a new restaurant, and you have a great experience, what happens next?

Usually you come back to me afterwards and say, “Thanks for suggesting that movie!  It was really good!”

Now I’m a hero, because you enjoyed it so much.

And that’s really why people refer.  It isn’t because of the real estate agent, it’s because the client wants to be a hero to their loved ones.

Every time we get a referral, we go out of our way to make the referror look like a hero.  There’s a good chance that if we can do that, another referral comes at a later date, which helps our business grow.

So the next time we do a great job for you, or you find another business that you like, spread the word.  You’ll enjoy what happens next!