On the weekend, I had the chance to sit down with my friend and mortgage consultant, David So from the Mortgage Centre.

We were talking about contractors, and how they don’t show up when they say they will.  They break promises all the time.

You book an appointment with them, and then something comes up… or they forget about you…

The service you get from most contractors is really poor.  Most are good technicians, but not good business people.

Then we spoke about how things can be different in real estate and mortgages, and how sometimes they are the same.

We spoke about lies that people are told, and multiple examples of stories we’ve heard about poor service in the real estate and financing end.

What frustrates me about 99% of all mortgage “specialists” is that many are nothing more than glorified “order takers”.

Let me explain:  Most people want the lowest rate because that’s what they think is most important, or that’s what they’ve been told to shop for.  They put as much money as they have into a downpayment and put the rest on a 25-year fixed-rate mortgage.

This might be okay for some, but for the majority of people, this is a terrible plan.

Not to say that rate isn’t important.  It is.  But it MAY not be the most important thing for some people.

David and I share the belief that it’s completely inappropriate to help someone with a mortgage outside of the context of their total financial picture.

If someone does not consider your financial situation, along with where you want to be in the future, and structure a plan of how to get you there, it’s really a form of malpractice.

Here’s another thing I wanted to talk about… banks.  Why do people feel so loyal to their bank?

You, like me, know that the bank gets rich by taking your money.  The better the bank does, the worse you do.  Your interests are in complete opposition.  It’s win-lose every time.

What I love about David, and a good mortgage broker in general, is that it’s win-win.  David’s service is free because he gets paid by the lender… AND his sole responsibility is to make sure your best interests are protected at all times.  In fact, he’ll look through more than 200 different mortgage programs from more than 40 sources, find the best ones, and then create an “auction” effect between them to guarantee the best terms to your benefit.

Great service, super results and a long-term commitment to your success.  That’s so far ahead of the majority of the industry, and when things are in David’s hands, I know they will turn out positively.

Peace of mind really is priceless, and it’s not often I find somebody I really trust.

Remember – you are buying a home, and you are buying a mortgage.

David can be reached at or by phone at 416-410-6663 ext. 31.  Tell him we sent you, and I’m sure you’ll thank us later!