Rule Changes

Here it is!

Thank you for your letter on the proposed harmonization of the GST and PST.

Once again Dalton McGuinty promised no tax increases and he broke that promise.

The harmonization of these taxes will vastly increase taxes paid by every Ontarian, as it is applied to a wide variety of goods and services that have only attracted one of these taxes in the past. It is absolutely the wrong approach as we sink into a deep economic decline. Reducing the tax burden on business has its advantages but cannot be accomplished on the backs of consumers. We need broad based tax relief, not ever higher taxes to pay for ever higher spending.

The McGuinty Liberals are simply bribing people with their own money. This plan will deliver $1,000 for most households to hush up dissent on the tax grab and to try to purchase votes in the next election.

The Liberals should be ashamed of themselves. With program spending almost double what it was in 2003 they’ve run out of your money to spend and now they want more – even if it hurts.


Ted Chudleigh
MPP Halton