Fun Stuff

I came across this “anti-establishment” show that shows our business from a much different angle than Bravo’s popular reality show “Million Dollar Listing“.

For many Realtors, THIS episode is reality.  I thought it was wildly entertaining, and even though we’re doing pretty well now (our team was 59th in Canada last year), I remember the days when I drove my 1985 baby blue Oldsmobile (in 2003) to meet clients.  It looked very much like this car.

I remember my parents lending us money in the beginning, and feeling completely hopeless with one foot out of the business, working a part-time job to make ends meet.

People like to think that real estate is easy, but for many, it’s not as glamorous or as profitable as they imagine.  Here’s to all the Noah Kaplans of the world… I feel your struggle, even many years later.  Keep on moving!