The latest Secret Stash came from a moment of inspiration at the office. How many hundreds of times a year do we hear clients ask us, “How is the market?”

Usually the question behind the question is, “How is MY market?” There’s a natural curiosity about the value of your property in any market.  It’s like checking your pulse… sometimes you just want to know what it is.

But when it comes time to move, the question often gets more specific. “When is the best time to sell (or buy)?” and, “Should I wait for the spring market?”

Well, it’s time to share Chuck’s Five Principles. Over and over again, he uses these examples to explain the reality of any market. It sets the stage for a more specific conversation about prices, and it puts people’s minds at ease knowing that there are underlying rules and tenets that don’t change, even if the market is in a constant state of flux.

Here are the principles:

  1. Prices and interest rates have an inverse relationship.  Monthly cost stays stable.
  2. The best time to sell a house is when your competition is low.
  3. Moving to a larger home makes more sense when the market is down.
  4. Be cautious when BIG market numbers are quoted.
  5. A wall is equal in value to 200 square feet.

Watch the episode to learn more about these principles.

Enjoy, and we’re always here to help explain YOUR market when the time is right.