Milton Price Report

This month’s report may seem really strange.  Did your house value REALLY increase by more than thirty percent since last year?

Even though the stats say that January of last year compared to this year went up 31% and even from December to January, we were up by 9%, you’ve got to recognize the context.  January 2015 had a low average price, relatively speaking, and this year was particularly strong.

But the real issue with Milton average price is that we only have about 200 sales per month in town.  Which means that too many big or small sales can swing the numbers a lot.

The overall adjusted numbers say that we’re up about $50,000 per year, or about 9% of the average price.  Townhouses and starter range homes are probably above that, and the higher price ranges (above $750,000) are less.

Which goes back to what we’ve been saying for a long time – if homes are increasing by $1,000 per WEEK, it’s very difficult to keep up with savings.  Waiting could mean paying more.

Also, we re-formatted and adjusted the report to make it easier to read.  We would LOVE to hear what you think.  The look will be consistent with the new website, which is coming really soon.

Thanks for tuning in!