If we haven’t told you how beautiful you are lately… then you’re in luck! The house on Farrington reminds us that we’re beautiful, but be careful – it will not stay longer. The fact that it’s on the market is so good news.

Plus, I’ll give you a sneak preview on an upgraded Bronte Meadows home we’re coming out with tomorrow – double garage, pie-shaped lot, and an interior that’s been fully renovated with a large sunroom addition.  Want more?  Watch this.

How much is it worth to declutter? I’ll take an educated guess today. Just think… if it takes you 100 hours, you would still be making $100-200 per hour. Tax-free. And please match your appliances. It’s always a good investment.

What does the term “practical” really say about a listing? If you have a friend who is “practical”, are you giving them a compliment? Today is full of wonderful language, isn’t it?

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