At the beginning of the video, I’ll give you another sneak preview of a home we’re launching on Nairn, with clear views of the Escarpment from the front porch.

Plus, there’s a small condo apartment with a “backyard”. I like that. Like some kind of mythical beast… a centaur or a gryphon. Or a liger, if this was Napoleon Dynamite.

Speaking of which, there’s another myth in the episode. Or at least a logical fallacy. “We didn’t sell for X, so why don’t we try adding another $15,000 to our original price!” That’s what we like to call the Kiss of Death here on Daily Homes.

You know what’s scary? I’ve actually seen that work a couple of times. But most of the time, it’s not good.

The home on Morse has a nice floor plan but they likely derived their price from the backyard. Money in the back, I suppose. The floor plan on Storey won Model of the Year and I’ll tell you what the same model sold for just last week … get ready for multiples!

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